About Us

Brief History

Bedfordshire Opportunities for Learning Disabilities (previously known as Beds Garden Carers), was set up in 1997 to offer work experience for adults with learning disabilities. 

Throughout the last 22 years the project has flourished and developed a wide array of work experiences, educational and social opportunities, workshops and meaningful day services for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour along with a diverse range of additional disabilities. 

People with learning disabilities can suffer from discrimination, bullying, social isolation and poor health throughout their lives and it is the case that there is a lack of opportunities for this group of people and their needs are often neglected; our project addresses many of these challenges, on a daily basis, by working with them and their families helping them to live the life they choose.


"I have been working with BOLD (BGC) since its inception in 1997 and it has been a privilege to see a small garden project rapidly grow into the multi-functional, comprehensive support programme we have today. It is a fact that all people with a learning disability experience discrimination.  The lack of opportunities open to them restricts their development and the needs of this group are woefully neglected. Our project addresses these challenges by working in partnership with our members and helping them to live the life they choose, which is why the new building is so important and must happen”.

Sharon Hart   C.E.O

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